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Patients are quickly matched with the best trials for their specific condition.

Medical Specialty

Our innovative system employs with specialist people to read medical reports and swiftly identify the most suitable cancer clinical trial for a patient in short period. This groundbreaking approach ensures that patients are quickly matched with the best trials for their specific condition, facilitating access to cutting-edge treatments and contributing to advancements in cancer care.
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Why choose CTF Help?

Cancer Trial Services at No-cost" highlights an initiative aimed at providing patients with access to cancer clinical trials without incurring any expenses. This approach ensures that advancements in cancer treatment and research are accessible to all individuals, regardless of their financial situation. By removing the financial barrier, the program seeks to foster a more inclusive environment where every patient has the opportunity to benefit from the latest medical breakthroughs and therapeutic approaches. This not only aids in the individual's treatment but also contributes to the broader understanding of cancer and its management.

Medical Specialty

In minutes we can find the right suitable cancer clinical trial for you.

Financial Support

We don't need detailed financial analysis of the clients because there is no-cost.

24 / 7 Support

For patients with special needs, we also offer PRC support in 7 / 24 in any locations.

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